Something to ponder about.

2013-01-25 13:50:51 by Nekow

Haven't been here for a few months. I turn my back around and what do I see? Half of the art gallery has turned into a nude show. Highly intriguing..


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2013-01-25 14:52:34

what's wrong with nudity ?

Nekow responds:

It's not like I'm complaining.


2013-01-25 15:14:04

be glad it's mostly female nudity.

Nekow responds:

We need some buff dudes in there.


2013-01-25 16:38:06

Think we're at a point of de-evolution, but it's sure to swing around again....


2013-01-25 21:16:36

Yeah, people like to search nude art here, it is faster than searching in other websites, if you know what I mean, LOL.


2013-03-15 18:24:32

Heh - I'm just disappointed that it's all female nudity. WHERE 'DEM WEINERS AT?

Actually, funny side-tangent; but I'm thinking of doing a little social experiment on the art portal when I get some free time. DON'T TELL ANYBODY OKAY. What I'm gonna do is post the same picture (with slight modifications) like four times, one with the thumbnail zoomed in on the character's face, the other on the ass, cleavage, and some other obscure crop. I wanna see how much MORE the ass and cleavage get compared to the faces. heh HEH NYEHHAH It'll be awesome.

Nekow responds:

That's a damn interesting idea. A thing to note is you could play around with the tags too. Just for kicks.